Harriet MacMillan & Nadine Wathen, VEGA Co-Leads

November 22 & 23, 2016: Members from the 22 organizations of the VEGA National Guidance and Implementation Committee (NGIC) convened in Ottawa to determine how to bring guidance developed in the Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence (CE-IPV) and IPV Evidence Review Groups (ERG) into practice guidance and curriculum tailored to the different learners represented by the NGIC.

The identification and initial response guidance, combined for both IPV and CE-IPV, was presented. There was strong support for the World Health Organization’s LIVES approach, with many excellent ideas to enhance it with VEGA’s commitment to integrating trauma-and
violence-informed care (TVIC), and ensuring that we address key practice concerns (e.g., mandatory reporting, documentation).

Suggestions for “referral pathways” based on professional and practice contexts will be integrated into the next version of the guidance, and ultimately the curriculum. There was also a presentation on the emerging field of “serious gaming technology” to create online (or for
classroom use), immersive, and interactive learning environments as one component of VEGA’s curriculum delivery strategy. Finally, there was initial discussion about accreditation in relation to curriculum implementation. For more details, please see our Meeting Summary Notes.

The next NGIC meeting will take place in Ottawa on June 14 & 15, 2017.

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