Integrating Evidence & Knowledge – November 2015

Working with experts from the McMaster Evidence Review Centre (MERSC), all three evidence reviews are well underway, with each review scoped, and search results being reviewed for inclusion/exclusion.

We’ve also established international links with groups such as the World Health Organization to ensure that we minimize duplication of effort and formulate guidance that is as consistent as possible.

Responding to what we heard from the National Guidance and Implementation Committee members in June, especially in terms of “real world” practice concerns and considerations, we’re developing a series of complementary knowledge synthesis processes that will bring knowledge about, for example, trauma- and violence-informed care, equity considerations, mandatory reporting obligations, client and provider preferences, barriers and facilitators to disclosure and help seeking, etc.  This is captured in the diagram below.

We welcome input about key aspects of the evidence or broader contextual factors that need to be considered as we prepare guidance and curriculum that will be taken up across broad health and social service sectors, with the ultimate goal of improving care and outcomes for people exposed to family violence.

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